Ubisoft’s Servers Have Been Down For Several Hours, Could Be DDoS

Since early this morning gamers have reported server issues when playing Ubisoft games across all platforms. Ubisoft Support has confirmed the problem, sharing that it is affecting all its services, including its digital shop and official website.

Ubisoft has provided the following updates regarding the issue:

[12:44PM EDT] We are still looking into this issue. We appreciate your understanding in the meantime.​

[1:12PM EDT] Our shop and websites are also affected by this issue. We are still investigating further. Thank you for your patience thus far.

Although for some of Ubisoft’s games this is a mere inconvenience, multiplayer-oriented games are currently unplayable. This has resulted in thousands of posts on Twitter directed at Ubisoft, requesting when the problem will be fixed. There is currently no ETA.

It is unclear what the root cause of the issue is, although this type of problem usually happens due to DDoS.

 Source: http://www.gamerevolution.com/news/ubisofts-servers-have-been-down-for-several-hours-could-be-ddos-37913