Telegram suffers from outage in Asia after DDoS attack

Messaging app Telegram appeared to have suffered from a two-hour outage today. The service has appeared to have gone down at about 4pm and was partially restored at about 5.30pm. However, some users are still experiencing difficulty accessing the instant messenger. Online service fault detector website received 7 alerts on failed connectivity issues. Based on comments received on the website, most of the service faults were reported in the Asia-Pacific region. “Telegram down. So I guess it’s not as stable as WhatsApp lah aite.” said twitter user @amin_aminullah. Meanwhile, Telegram tweeted that it was faced with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack in India and the South-east Asia region. “An ongoing DDoS is causing connection issues for our users in India and South East Asia. We’re hard at work fighting back.” @telegram tweeted. According to Wikipedia, a DDoS attack takes advantage of some property of the operating system or applications on the victim’s system. In turn, it enables an attack to consume resources of the victim, possibly crashing it. A growing number of Malaysians have switched over to Telegram as an alternative to popular messaging services such as WhatsApp and WeChat.