Report: popular online gambling sites taken out by DDoS attacks

Poker News and several other publications that focus on the ins and outs of online poker/gambling are reporting that two popular online gambling services were taken offline this weekend. Betfair and PokerStars were both offline over the weekend, according to the reports and are still suffering from connectivity issues today.

Betfair confirmed on Monday via Twitter that its service was under attack:

“We’re currently experiencing a DDOS attack on our site. We’re working to fix this as quickly as possible,” the official twitter account informed one user.

PokerStars did not publicly confirm or deny that it was under attack; In fact, Poker News claims that “players have been reporting major lag (low response when clicking buttons etc) and connectivity problems when attempting to play at PokerStars since April 9.”

On April 12 PokerStar’s Belgium twitter account only noted that it was having connectivity issues. Those issues seem to be gone as of this writing, but they plagued the service for most of the weekend, according to Poker News.