Next year’s DDOS attacks to come from Vietnam, India and Indonesia

Vietnam, India and Indonesia might not have the most advanced Internet infrastructure, but they do have a large number of insecure smartphones coming online, making them the big botnet sources for next year’s distributed denial of service attacks, according to a report released today by Black Lotus Communications, a DDOS mitigation vendor.

“They have a lot of young people just getting their smartphones, specifically Android smartphones,” said Frank Ip, the company’s vice president of business development.

These new users are more susceptible to phishing, and are less aware of how to secure their devices, he added.

“We’ve been seeing that trend in the last two quarters,” he said.

A single smartphone is already a powerful computing device, he said, and when combined with wireless networks in extremely large numbers, they can add up to a significant threat.

In 2014, however, China was the single biggest source of DDOS attacks, the report said, followed by the United States and Russia.