AFACT attacked again, Anonymous claims

Internet users of the 4chan forum are again attacking the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) and other anti-pirate sites with denial-of-service attacks after choosing targets for assault yesterday.

(Credit: Darren Pauli/ZDNet Australia)

Users on the forums claim the AFACT website is intermittently failing under the weight of the assaults, and have planned repeat attacks throughout the week.

The websites of DG Legal and Web Sheriff are listed as “official” targets under the Operation Payback campaign and, along with Peer Media Technologies and CXP Law, are currently offline as a result of coordinated attacks.

Anonymous users report that the Web Sheriff website has been pulled offline by its hosting provider to mitigate the attacks.

Some users of the 4chan forum are researching Internet Information Services (IIS) exploits and seeking use of botnets to increase attacks on the sites.

It follows reports by ZDNet Australia yesterday that the websites were earmarked as targets for further attacks under the campaign.

Users refuted claims an attack on the AFACT by the group on Monday had failed. The website’s hosting provider Netregistry told iTnews that the attacks hit a load balancer, but users instead claimed “victory” as the website was pulled offline to defend against the traffic flooding.

(Credit: Darren Pauli/ZDNet Australia)

“It is just asking for it [to] happen again, and if your so called ‘IT’ guys don’t know that without the load balancer the general public can’t access the site, you probably need to get some new ‘IT’ guys,” one user wrote.

“Epic win tonight,” another said.

The Operation Payback campaign is coordinated over Internet Chat Relay channels, 4chan and a Turkey-based website. Users have created online pro-pirate fliers, which some have suggested should be printed and distributed to the public.

Netregistry has been contacted for comment.